Ghetto Medic: A Father in the ‘Hood

“Ghetto Medic is a strong addition to any memoir or everyday person biography collection.”

Midwest Book Review

“If H. L. Mencken were here he would say, ‘go out immediately and buy a copy of Ghetto Medic,’ for nobody knew more than Mencken about story telling, language refinement, or the city of Baltimore . . . This book is an absorbing tale, beautifully written.”

—Dennis Smith, author of the bestseller Report From Engine Co. 82

“Bill Hennick is an unsung hero in the history of Baltimore and in the battle against racism and segregation in the South . . . [A] remarkable story . . . vividly told.”

—Lee Gutkind, Author and Editor, Creative Nonfiction Magazine

“[Ghetto Medic] has the tension of a good novel . . . Though I know the ending of some [parts] of the story I am riveted by Hennick’s telling of it.”

—Marc Steiner, WEAA 88.9 FM

“A beautifully written, instantly captivating account of one man’s unfaltering dedication to helping those in need.”

—Craig Jurisevic, author of the Australian bestseller Blood on my Hands (soon to become a film produced by Academy Award winner Eva Orner)

Ghetto Medic is packed with amusing anecdotes and well told stories which will be instantly recognizable to paramedics from all around the world. It is entertaining, amusing and poignant.”

—Australian of the Year 2006, Associate Professor William (Bill) Griggs, AM ASM Director, Trauma Service, Royal Adelaide Hospital

“Rachel Hennick makes the vast social world at once personal and immediate. This is writing that cannot be put down; it tingles with life and authenticity.”

—Thomas Shapcott, award-winning author and Emeritus Professor of Creative Writing, University of Adelaide

“Simply a great American story. It’s not about race. It’s about humanity.”

—Mark Cottman, Artist and Poet